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Global Options:
  --help,-h  Display this message and exit
  --version,-V  Print version information and exit
  --list,-l  List all disks in system and exit
  --verbose,-v  Print verbose messages
  --debug,-d  Use the debug version of mbr
  format  Format disk
    --raw,-r  Format with normal layout (not bootable)
    --force,-f  Force the creation of data partition
    --zip,-z  Format as USB-ZIP
    --fat16  Format data partition as FAT16
    --fat32  Format data partition as FAT32
    --align,-a  Align to cluster boundary
    --unit-size,-u NUM Unit size for FAT16/FAT32 in sectors
    --base,-b NUM Set base boot sector
    --size,-s NUM Set size of data partition
    --primary,-p NUM Set primary data size
    --extended,-e NUM Set extended data size
    --list-size,-l NUM Set size of file list
    --max-sectors NUM Set maximum number of sectors per read
    --archive FILE Initialize fb using archive file
  restore  Try to restore fb mbr
  update  Update boot code
  sync   Synchronize disk information
    --copy-bpb  Copy bpb from the first partition
    --clear-bpb  Clear bpb in the boot sector
  info   Show disk information
  clear   Clear files
  add NAME FILE  Add/update file item
    --extended,-e Store the file in extended data area
    --syslinux,-s Patch syslinux boot file
  add-menu NAME FILE Add/update menu file
    --append,-a  Append to existing menu file
    --string,-s  The menu items are passed as command argument
  resize NAME SIZE Resize/create file item
    --extended,-e Store the file in extended data area
    --fill,-f NUM Set fill character for expansion
  copy OLD NEW  Copy file item
  move OLD NEW  Move file item
  export NAME FILE Export file item
  remove NAME  Remove file item
  cat NAME  Show the content of text file
  cat-menu NAME  Show the content of menu file
  pack   Pack free space
  check   Check primary data area for inconsistency
  save FILE  Save to archive file
    --list-size,-l NUM Set size of file list
  load FILE  Load from archive file